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Gothenburg, Sweden

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About Gothenburg

About Gothenburg

Why Go on a Gothenburg, Sweden Tour

Gothenburg is a clean green city situated on Sweden's western shores at the outlet of the Gota River. It is famous for world-class seafood, award-winning restaurants, and stunning coastline and archipelago.

The city was founded in 1621 by King Gustav II Adolf during the peak of the Swedish Empire. It was once the center of the Swedish ship-building industry and has changed today to a city of high technology and education. Moreover, it is Sweden's second-largest city, full of young spirit with more than 60,000 students attending Gothenburg University (the largest university in Scandinavia).

Gothenburg is all about seafood, thus the Feskekorka, which literally translates as "fish-church" that dates from 1874 is a must-see during Gothenburg tours. It was built as an experiment to see if a single structure could stand without pillars, which it has successfully and today you can find a range of seafood delicacies freshly landed on the tables of excellent restaurants located inside.

It is worth mentioning that this city represents the world's "green future", there are many swish blue and white trams and the world's largest fleet of buses fueled by biogas.

The town is also rich in things travelers can see and do. The Gothenburg Art Museum houses a world-class collection of Nordic art and features works by Picasso, Chagall, Monet, Rembrandt, and many others. The Liseberg Amusement Park (biggest in entire Scandinavia) has thrilling rides and roller-coasters, regular concerts, and at Christmas a terrific market.

Don't forget to stop at Maritiman during your Gothenburg sightseeing, the "world's largest floating museum of ships" consists of 19 boats of all sizes. And, of course, the Volvo Museum where you can view the past and present models of the Swedish car.

Apart from Gothenburg's stunning coastline with unforgettable views, right in the heart of this city lies the Garden Society of Gothenburg, one of the most beautifully preserved 19th-century parks in Europe, where visitors can stroll along rolling lawns, see roses, exotic plants, and historic buildings.

Best Things to Do in Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Enjoy strolling the green streets of Gothenburg
  • Stop by the unique Feskekorka
  • Explore the Maritiman ships museum and the Volvo Museum
All Attractions in Gothenburg

All Attractions in Gothenburg

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