The Hague, Netherlands

The Hague, Netherlands

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About The Hague

About The Hague

Why Visit The Hague, Netherlands

The Hague is a royal city and popular sea resort in the Netherlands, often called the "City of Peace and Justice", with the Peace Palace being one of its main sites. Being the third largest Dutch city, it plays an important role in the country's life as it is not only the seat of the Cabinet but the place where the royal family lives and many of foreign embassies are found.

Interestingly, the Hague is worldly renowned as "the Lawyers Mecca" due to the fact that it houses such prominent judicial bodies as the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, and a number of others.

The image of the Netherlands in much revolves around it being a "sea country", thus, no Hague tour is possible without checking out its water-related highlights. Discover enchanting Scheveningen, one of 8 Hague districts that's best known for its wonderful scenic beach. The most notable architectural landmarks found there are Oude Kerk ("The Old Church"), the 19th-century Lighthouse, and the splendid Kurhaus, the most famous local hotel which attracts with its royal grandeur: no wonder it was reopened by the Queen herself.

For sure, the Hague is amazing all year round but visiting it in April you'll be lucky to join the colorful "Koningsdag", the reigning monarch's celebration. "Colorful" is not just a random epithet: crowds of Dutchmen wearing orange clothes flood the streets, creating an atmosphere of utmost fun. Why orange? This bright optimistic color is the symbol of the royal dynasty which has been ruling the country since 1815. Koningsdag is also famous thanks to the huge free market, so do not miss the chance to grab some unique souvenirs that will keep your Hague journey in your heart forever.

One more peculiar must-see to put on your Hague itinerary is the Louwman Automuseum. The exhibits are placed in the 3-story building, and no car enthusiast leaves the museum without a sigh of admiration. The unique models of "Peugeot", "Spyker Cars" and "Humber" are found in the collection together with Sir William Churchill's car and the famous Aston Martin DB5, shown in James Bond movies.

Best Things to Do in Hague, Netherlands

  • Stop by the main city symbol, the Peace Palace
  • Explore the historic Oude Kerk church
  • Visit the renown Louwman Automuseum

All in all, gorgeous Hague deserves attention, doesn't it? People say that due to its rich history and sea resort location, it gives the chance to spend enjoyable vacations on the North Sea coast, coupled with enriching sightseeing.

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