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About Hakone

About Hakone

Why Visit Hakone, Japan

Prepare your cameras as we are heading to one of the most scenic spots in the land of the rising sun, the breathtaking city of Hakone. Wondering if Hakone is worth visiting? Believe us, this Japanese gem with its picture-perfect nature, volcanic hot springs, and world-class art-museums is an ideal choice for a blissful escape from the rush of Tokyo.

The city is well-known for its fascinating nature as here you can witness numerous postcard-like sceneries. During your Hakone trip, let yourself be mesmerized by the mind-blowing views across sparkling Lake Ashinoko with the rising from the water torii-gates of the Hakone Shrine and legendary Mountain Fuji in the background. For an absolutely unforgettable experience, save some time to enjoy the local cruise of Japan on Ashi Lake to relax and appreciate the allure of local landscapes from another angle.

One of the most iconic Hakone attractions is definitely the Open-Air Museum with hundreds of unique exhibits beautifully scattered around the picturesque gardens. Moreover, here you can even find the masterpieces of worldwide famous artists such as Henry Moore and Picasso.

Looking for unusual things to do in Hakone? This region is well-known for thousands of its hot springs (onsens) dotted around the area, so experiencing traditional Japanese onsen culture should be at the top of anyone’s travel plans while in Hakone. Interestingly, the water in the Hakone onsens is heated naturally as the nearby mountain is still an active volcano!

Another place to see the volcanic activity is Owakudani (or The Great Boiling Valley) that can be reached by riding the Hakone Ropeway. Explore the “Valley of Hell” cloaked with the enigmatic white smoke and make sure to try black eggs, the most popular local snack. There is a legend that you can add years to your life by eating them!

Best Things To Do in Hakone

  • Experience Japanese onsen culture
  • Enjoy a cruise on Ashi Lake
  • Visit the local Open-Air Museum
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