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About Helsinki

About Helsinki

Why Go on Helsinki, Finland Holidays

If you're wondering what's the capital of Finland known for, Helsinki is often referred to as a city of contrasts: Eastern and Western influences, dramatically varied daylight conditions and silence in the middle of an urban jam.

It is also a perfect place to experience the metropolitan attractions with only a few of its drawbacks. Helsinki was one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the European Union up until the early years of the 21st century and has recently become the city chosen for a good living. With everything within walking distances, it still has a cosmopolitan feeling with something for everyone. The modern city center with great shopping areas, various clubs and bars blends perfectly with natural sceneries and beautiful harbors.

Helsinki, Finland is another green capital of Scandinavia - one-third of Helsinki consists of parks and other green areas, which ensure the city’s fresh air. The city has a strong maritime flavor - the sea is an essential part of everyday life. It surrounds the city on three sides with almost 100 km of shoreline and around 300 islands. So you can definitely enjoy a relaxing time in the harbor watching the giant ferries dock.

If you visit Helsinki, you will probably end up in Esplanade - the commercial and social heart of the city. You can also take a walk around the Design District and shop for modern Finnish design pieces. Locals say the best of Helsinki lies outside the city! Sailing in the archipelago or relaxing at a cottage by a lake will definitely highlight your trip.

Recommended cultural experiences: the Mannerheim Museum, the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum, the Natural History Museum, and the Ateneum Art Museum.

Helsinki is also abundant with religious sights: the Kamppi Chapel of Silence, Rock Church, as well as the Uspenski Cathedral. Experience the urban sauna culture in the world's second northernmost capital.

Once you're done exploring Finland's capital, why not extend your travels and see more of what the country has to offer? We recommend boarding Helsinki to Tampere train and adding one more city to your itinerary in Finland.

Best Things to Do in Helsinki, Finland

  • Witness the stunning architecture of the urban capital of Finland, Helsink
  • Enjoy a peaceful stroll in beautiful green parks
  • Visit some of the outstanding Helsinki museums, music halls and theaters, that the city boasts
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Top Attractions in Helsinki

Top Attractions in Helsinki

Helsinki Tram Ride
Ride one of the oldest electrified tram systems in the world while in Helsinki.
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All Attractions in Helsinki

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