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Innsbruck, Austria

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About Innsbruck

About Innsbruck

Why Visit Innsbruck, Austria

Welcome to picturesque Innsbruck, the city of great architecture, beautiful nature and a vivid cultural scene, undoubtedly worth exploring while in Austria. Some of the most popular places on any Innsbruck itinerary include the old town, bustling city streets, and the numerous small villages around the area, all adding up to a truly memorable journey.

Start your tour at the postcard-like medieval old town in the heart of Innsbruck. Housing the symbol of the city, the Golden Roof decorated with 2,738 gold-plated copper tiles, the picturesque site is full of pastel-colored buildings and cobbled streets taking you back in time as you stroll around and enjoy the authentic surroundings. Some other landmarks in the area worth exploring are the Imperial Chapel and the Folk Art Museum. In addition to that, the old town is also full of lovely restaurants and cafes for your leisurely time.

While walking around the city, make sure to visit the Cathedral of St. James to admire the beautiful Baroque architecture and the Hofkirche featuring 28 bronze statues.

Another must-see during Innsbruck tour is the Town Tower, which you can climb to marvel at the scenic views of the city and the imposing mountains nearby. For an even better look at the lovely sight, don't miss the chance to hop on a Hungerburg Funicular ride taking you to Hermann Buhl Square.

If architecture is not something you're interested in while traveling, explore the museum scene or numerous outdoor activities of Innsbruck travel. Some of the best exhibitions in the city can be found at Tyrolean State Museum or Volkskunst Museum, while for those seeking to spend some time outdoors, the viewing platform at Bergisel ski jump is a must. There are also numerous possibilities for hiking, skiing or cycling, thus there are plenty of activities in the city for you to choose from.

Best Things to Do in Innsbruck, Austria

  • Stop by the Golden Roof of Innsbruck
  • Visit the Imperial Chapel
  • Explore the Cathedral of St. James

All in all, Innsbruck sightseeing is one full of charming points of interest, breathtaking sights, and thrilling open-air activities, thus start packing your bags now and enjoy all this beautiful Austrian gem has to offer!

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