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About Kazbegi

About Kazbegi

Why Visit Kazbegi, Georgia

Situated by the Terek River in northeastern Georgia, Stepantsminda is still better known by its old name, Kazbegi. Surrounded by mountains, it provides breathtaking sceneries, as well as numerous outdoor activities for your leisurely time.

It is also home to the Kazbegi Mountain and Dariali Gorge, making it a true wonderland for those interested in rock-climbing. The Dariali pass has been one of the two main roads leading through the Greater Caucasus Mountains, thus it also features some ruins of what once was a fortress.

Some other wonders of nature to admire during the Kazbegi tour are the Devdoraki Glacier and Gveleti Waterfall. Hiking to the waterfalls is one of the musts in the area, as it provides not only a gorgeous destination but a scenic journey as well. 

However, man-made marvels, such as the Gergeti Trinity Church, are also worth visiting. Built back in the 14th century, the church stands surrounded by the imposing mountains at an elevation of 2170 meters (7120ft), providing with sceneries like no other.

To delve deeper into the history of the area make sure to explore the Stepantsminda Historic Museum to get acquainted with the famous writer Alexander Kazbegi.

Kazbegi travel is truly full of adventures as even the drive towards the city itself is part of the Georgian Military Highway, making it one picturesque ride indeed.

Best Things to Do in Kazbegi, Georgia

  • Explore the Devdoraki Glacier and Gveleti Waterfall
  • Take in the beauty of Georgian nature
  • Visit the Stepantsminda Historic Museum