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About Kirkenes

About Kirkenes

Why Visit Kirkenes, Norway

Being the capital of the municipality of Sor-Varanger, Kirkenes is situated in the north-east of Norway, very close to the Russian border. The place has a population about 4000 people.

However, despite the small size, Kirkenes offers a number of appetizing opportunities and activities which make this destination quite a popular one. Kirkenes boasts an amazing location near the picturesque Varanger fjord.

In addition, this unique place offers fantastic views of the Northern lights. Kirkenes also provides plenty of activities like exiting dog-sledging, ice fishing and even crab safari.

One of the most renowned attractions of Kirkenes is the Snowhotel. An interesting remark about the hotel is that it is literally built from scratch every year and operates between December and April.

In terms of history, this lovely town has quite a peculiar past as it was one of the bases for the German Kriegsmarine during the Second World War, as well as served as the main base for supplies to the Murmansk front.

That's why visitors are welcome to pop in Grenselandmuseet, the Border Area Museum and get an insight into the history of war and peace along the Norwegian–Russian border.

Best Things to Do in Kirkenes, Norway

  • Have an enjoyable time participating in fun winter activities
  • Immerse in the world of winter and stop by the Snowhotel
  • Visit the Border Area Museum of Kirkenes
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