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Kiruna, Sweden

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About Kiruna

About Kiruna

Why Visit Kiruna, Sweden

Kiruna is the perfect mix of culture, heritage, nature and modern technology, awaiting you in the beautiful province of Lapland, Sweden. The northernmost town in the country is home to the biggest underground iron ore mine in the world, as well as Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden, and the renowned ICEHOTEL. Attracting a growing number of tourists each year, it provides not only post-card like sceneries but numerous activities.

Some of the fun pursuits of Kiruna travel include hiking, skiing, fishing, and even dog sledding, creating exceptional opportunities to admire the imposing nature.

Talking about the wonders of nature, the area provides with possibilities to admire the midnight sun and the Northern Lights, which are certainly not something you can witness anywhere in the world. The rather bizarre yet amazing sights will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

Another impressive point of interest on the Kiruna itinerary is the ICEHOTEL in the nearby town of Jukkasjarvi. Its story dates back to 1989 when during a snow sculpture art course artists needed to be accommodated somewhere. Thus the hotel out of ice was built and is still open up to this day with new installations appearing each year. This happens because the hotel melts in spring and has to be rebuilt all over again next year using the ice blocks from Torne River. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience so make sure to visit the hotel even if you're not willing to stay for the night.

A must-see while on Kiruna sightseeing is Kiruna Kyrka. Voted to be the most beautiful building in Sweden in 2001, the extraordinary red church truly stands out in the snowy landscape of the city because of its unique features. Completed in 1912, it was created by the architect Gustaf Wickman, with its exterior bearing resemblance to the shape of a traditional Sami tent called kata.

Despite being the youngest city in Sweden, it is packed with activities, leisurely pursuits specific of the region, and numerous architectural monuments worth visiting. Kiruna has everything that is needed for the perfect Scandinavian getaway, therefore, make sure not to miss it while in Sweden.

Best Things to Do in Kiruna, Sweden

  • Enjoy exciting outdoor activities, including dog sledding
  • Catch the Northern Lights or see the Midnight Sun
  • Visit the unique properties of the region, such as the Icehotel
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