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About Klaipeda

About Klaipeda

Why Visit Klaipeda, Lithuania

From numerous events and a bustling cultural scene to the charming old town and flea markets, the lovely port city of Klaipeda, Lithuania has plenty to offer. It is the gateway to the Curonian Spit and has access to the Baltic Sea as well, featuring picturesque landscapes not only of nature but man-made wonders likewise.

Some of the most authentic architecture can be seen in the old town of the city. Partly defined by the German influences in its history, the old town is not like the one in Vilnius or other cities in Lithuania. Stroll around the narrow streets and squares to admire the original architecture, play chess on a huge board installed on the cobbled pavement or try to find over 20 statues scattered around the area. Some of the most visited ones are the Sculpture of the Black Ghost and Ann from Tharau, dedicated to the German poet born in Klaipeda, Simon Dach. In case you found all of the sculptures in the old town, visit the Sculpture Park for more.

Another park worth including to your Klaipeda itinerary is the Dane Park on the riverfront leading to the old ferry. Hop on the ferryboat to reach Smiltyne, offering wonderful bike trails, and the Dolphinarium, where you can enjoy an impressive show of the Great Dolphins and California Sea Lions. If you travel further behind Smiltyne, you will find numerous beautiful villages of the Curonian Spit, which are a must-visit while in the area.

The abundant museum scene is also worth exploring while on a Klaipeda tour. Get acquainted with the eventful history at the Klaipeda Castle Museum and the History Museum of Lithuania Minor or delve into the wonders of time in the Clock Museum. The Blacksmith's Museum is also worth your while, and if you're seeking for some fun, visit the Radailiai Upside Down House, which is also a great idea for some quality family time.

Klaipeda travel is full of history and numerous activities for your leisurely time, as well as great places to wind down after active exploring and enjoy a drink or some traditional foods. It is truly worth visiting while in Lithuania, as you also get the chance to see the Baltic Sea! It doesn't get better than that.

Best Things to Do in Klaipeda, Lithuania

  • Stroll the old town & visit the Klaipeda Castle Museum
  • Make your way to the unique Curonian Spit
  • Stop by the Radailiai Upside Down House
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