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Why Travel to Kruja, Albania

Located on the top of the 600 m (1960 ft) hill, scenic Kruja is one of the most significant Albanian cities and the hometown of George Kastriota (also known as Skanderbe), the national hero of Albania who managed to unite the beautiful country under one ruler for the first time in history. Boasting heritage as rich as this, it's no surprise that Kruja attracts tourists from all around the world, wanting to have a closer look at the beautiful city.

And the city offers a lot to look at. You can start your Kruja travel by going up the cobbled streets to the beautiful castle, once belonging to brave Skanderbe. Despite the respectable age, the castle still looks very impressive. Also, for an additional fee, you can explore Skanderbeg's and the Ethnographic Museum, both located on the territory of the castle. Inside the first one, there are copies of the helmet and the sword of the national hero on display in the main hall, as well as the flags of the families, supporting Skanderbeg during his rule. The Ethnographic Museum boasts an interesting collection of artifacts from different periods, depicting the history and traditions of the locals over the years, including a steamy Turkish bath, the only one remaining in Albania.

Another experience you don't want to miss on your Kruja itinerary is visiting the Bazaar. Although it's not a match to the world-famous Bazaar in Turkey, without a doubt, this Ottoman-style market is one of the city's gems. You never know which treasures you can find walking the narrow passages of the Bazaar, including such things as traditional wares, copper coffee pots, and beautiful tablecloths. But apart from antique-hunting, this location is also a great place to look for something nice to remind you of incredible Albania when you come home from your travel.

What to Do During Kruja Tour

  • Explore the Kruja Castle
  • Visit the Ethnographic Museum
  • Buy a memorable souvenir on the Bazaar

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