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Why Visit La Spezia, Italy

One of the most scenic destinations set on the shores of northwestern Italy, La Spezia, is the "doorway" to the renowned Cinque Terre towns and a true gem of the Italian Riviera.

The picture-perfect postcard-like images of the five nearby Cinque villages connected by footpaths (Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore) with their petite colorful buildings and tiny winding streets, all perched high up on rugged cliffs overlooking the Ligurian Sea, attract thousands of visitors to La Spezia each year. This city boasts the closest transportation hub to the towns and is among the top places to stay in Italy for those who’ve put the Cinque on their agenda (the popular villages have few accommodation options and, thus, very limited availability).

Nevertheless, the port-town itself is no less impressive and offers much to see and explore. As such, any La Spezia itinerary should surely include the historic castle (Castello San Giorgio), dating back to the 14th century.

What is more, this town is set in the Liguria region's gorgeous La Spezia Bay (often referred to as the "Golfo dei Poeti", translated as the Gulf of Poets) which is famous for its beautiful turquoise waters and impressive scenery which have inspired numerous authors and painters with their beauty, including P. Shelley, Lord Byron, and S. Botticelli. Therefore, a boat ride along the coast will definitely spice up your La Spezia sightseeing experience!

Without a doubt, the seaside resort vibe of this town is one to remember, and yet another way to enhance your La Spezia tour is by tasting local specialties. Make sure to have some traditional minestrone soup with focaccia bread, perhaps with some pesto. Plus, Ligurian wines are also noted for their great flavors and high quality, so treat yourself to a glass while you’re there.

All in all, La Spezia is a great idea for a wonderful off-the-beaten-path addition to your Italian getaway, would you give it a go?

Best Things to Do in La Spezia, Italy

  • Check out the La Spezia castle, Castello San Giorgio
  • Treat yourself to a boat ride along the La Spezia Bay
  • Set off on a day trip to the close by Cinque Terre

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