Lapland Region, Finland

Lapland Region, Finland

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About Lapland Region

About Lapland Region

Why Visit the Finnish Lapland

Looking for some exceptionally unique experiences? The Lapland Region in Finland is a must, providing with numerous leisurely activities, as well as some pretty exclusive exploration of the magical wonders of nature. Being the northernmost and actually the biggest region in entire Finland, it attracts a growing number of tourists each year, which is no surprise knowing that Lapland Region sightseeing is an experience like no other.

Winter sports are among the most popular activities in the area, therefore, it features some truly wonderful ski resorts, including Levi, Yllas, Pyha, Big Wood and other. In addition to that, some of the other chilly activities for the outdoor enthusiasts include are ice fishing, snowmobile tours or even Husky Sled rides!

If hiking is something you enjoy as well, the Urho Kekkonen National Park is one of the best choices, providing with picturesque sceneries along the way. There is also a possibility of exploring landscapes that have been shaped by the Ice Age at the Rokua National Park. Walking along the numerous outdoor trails is good for your body and soul, far from the worries and hurries of the city.

However, the focal point of Lapland Region travel is the northern lights watching opportunities. Witnessing the night skies light up with marvelous colors is a second to none adventure, thus don't miss the chance to experience it in a place renowned for this spectacular view. The best time for that is December to March, providing with the suitable weather and snow conditions for the most beautiful display.

Curling up under a blanket and admiring the beautiful sight from a warm and cozy room sounds like a dream but it is actually possible! Staying at an igloo village provides you the possibility to gaze at the northern lights directly from your room, thus creating everlasting memories for sure. Numerous ice and snow hotels in the area provide with huts and rooms with glass walls or ceilings for you to enjoy the breathtaking views of the starry skies and the northern lights at night. Most of them have bathrooms and other facilities located in a separate building, however, the bigger rooms include a private one and all other necessary amenities.

Things to Do in the Lapland Region, Finland

  • Enjoy fun winter activities, including snowmobiling and husky sled rides
  • Catch the beautiful Aurora lights
  • Explore the local natuional parks and the surrounding nature

A Lapland Region tour is an extraordinary experience, full of breathtaking nature, epic sceneries, unforgettable views and numerous fun pursuits, which you simply have to explore yourself.

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All Attractions in Lapland Region

All Attractions in Lapland Region

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