Le Mas, France

Le Mas, France

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About Le Mas

About Le Mas

Why Visit Le Mas, France

Picturesque Le Mas is the perfect getaway for those seeking a calm vacation in the French countryside.

Situated in Dordogne, southwestern France, this area boasts numerous former farmhouses, dating back to the 16th century, now providing luxury accommodation in a remote location surrounded by nature.

Most are built on hills overlooking the lush fields and forests, making up for one scenic landscape without a doubt.

Any Le Mas tour is full of fun outdoor activities, such as cycling, hiking, canoeing, swimming and more.

Don't miss the chance to explore the Grand Randonnees hiking trails or cross the Dordogne or Vezere valleys with a canoe. Le Mas travel is the ultimate nature escape, as the possibilities are endless and it is up to you to adjust your schedule to enjoy it all!

Even though located in a rural area, with the closest neighbors being half a mile away, the area surrounding it is one full of attractions such as medieval towns, castles, markets, and restaurants, which can be easily accessed by your chosen means of transport.

Beaumont du Perigord and Monpazier are some of the nearby towns truly worth adding to your Le Mas itinerary while in the region.

Best Things to Do in Le Mas, France

  • Enjoy the Dordogne Valley and fun outdoor activities
  • Immerse yourself in the French countryside
  • Explore the neigboring petite towns
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