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About Leipzig

About Leipzig

Why Visit Leipzig, Germany

If you google "the most popular German travel destinations", you'll find at least 5 different rating articles just on the first page alone. As a rule, the first places go to Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Cologne (and rightly so), but the incredible city of Leipzig often unjustly gets a place at the bottom of the list and, therefore, goes unnoticed, despite being one of the most interesting and vibrant German cities. It doesn't matter where you're from or what you're you interested in, Leipzig will have something to offer you.

History lovers would love to see the Leipzig University, the second oldest university in Germany. It dates back to 1409 and both Nietzsche and Goethe are among its graduates. Then, you can continue your Leipzig itinerary by visiting the fairytale arcaded old town, Altes Rathaus. This beautiful example of Renaissance architecture was built in 1556 and today houses several restaurants and the Leipzig City Museum, inviting to have a look at the various decorations which once adorned the city during different periods, as well as to explore Leipzig's rich history.

Interested in architecture (and church architecture, in particular)? Appreciate the gorgeous St. Thomas and the stunning St. Nicholas churches in Leipzig. The first one can brag that it had Johann Sebastian Bach as its Kapellmeister for more than 20 years (he was buried in the church's sanctuary afterward) and that Martin Luther preached there in 1539. The second church also played a significant part in Bach's life, being the place where the great composer premiered a lot of his works.

Art lovers can't miss the Museum der Bildenden Kunste. Although no art Museum can be more impressive than the out-of-this-world Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, the Bildenden Kunste looks rather surreal too. Just imagine, an enormous glass cube in the center of the city. Impressive, right? It exhibits hundreds of pieces of artwork from the Late Middle Ages to Modernity. The Museum of Contemporary Art is another stop you don't want to miss during your Leipzig travel. It offers to enjoy various examples of modern art from all over the world past 1945.

In case you're a classical music enthusiast, you are in luck because there are several amazing places to add to your Leipzig "must-see" list. The first one is the Bach-Museum, telling the life story of this incredible musician. The museum's gem is the treasure room where you can see the scores hand-written by Bach himself.

Best Things to Do During a Leipzig Tour

  • Enjoy the exhibition at the Museum der Bildenden Kunste
  • Take a picture with Bach's statue near the St. Thomas Church
  • Visit the Leipzig University

The second stop is the only preserved apartment of Felix Mendelssohn. It exhibits the composer's original furniture and several documents hand-written by Mendelssohn. As your third stop, we recommend the Grassi Museum, housing three museums under one roof: the Musical Instruments Museum, Ethnography Museum, and the Leipzig Museum of Applied Arts.


Traveling Leipzig with kids? They'll love to spend some time in the Leipzig Zoo. Although it opened its doors 150 years ago and is considered one of the oldest in Germany, it's also among the most modern ones, home for 850 species of animals, including penguins, koalas, alligators, Amur tigers, red pandas, snow leopards, and Komodo Dragon (the only one in Germany).

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