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About Lerwick

About Lerwick

Why Visit Lerwick, Scotland

The capital of the Shetland Islands, vibrant Lerwick is a famous Scottish seaport that offers a great number of recreational opportunities. The charming town mesmerizes travelers by its relaxing peaceful vibe, scenic location, promising panoramic coastal walks, and a choice of nice local restaurants.

Walk along the Lerwick harbor boasting white yachts and authentic waterfront buildings of the 18th century, proceeding into the old town dominated by the 19th-century Town Hall. To take a deeper insight into the city's history, visit the New Shetland Museum and Archives which will help you to make the journey through the history of this wonderful region.

For a more saturated historic experience, set off on a trip to the outskirts of Lerwick to discover the unique Broch of Clickimin. Located on the shores of Clickimin Loch, this sight boasts a unique and sophisticated stone-built house that's found only on the territory of Scotland! And, above all, Lerwick is an ideal starting point to explore the whole diversity of the Shetland Islands' heritage and wildlife as well as to see the cute Shetland ponies! In short, a true paradise for hiking and outdoor activities enthusiasts!

Best Things to Do in Lerwick, Scotland

  • Enjoy the calm atmosphere of Lerwick during a peaceful stroll along the city's streets
  • Take a day trip to explore the Broch of Clickimin
  • Set off on an extensive exploration of the wild nature of the gorgeous Shetland Islands
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