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About L'Ile-Rousse

About L'Ile-Rousse

Why Visit L'ile-Rousse, France

The beautiful town of L'ile Rousse is a must-visit while in Corsica. Situated in the Balagne region, in the northwestern part of the island, the town features sandy beaches, beautiful coastlines, and hilly terrain, which all add up to one truly picturesque scenery. Lovely L'ile Rousse attracts a growing number of tourists each year with its postcard-like nature and beautiful old town, as this Corsican gem is rapidly gaining recognition among travelers.

Located in the heart of the city, the Paoli Square is one of the main tourist attractions in the area and a popular meeting point among locals, named after Pascal Paoli who founded the town back in 1758. The square is one full of restaurants, cafes, plane trees and even has a statue of the Paoli himself! It is conveniently located right by the Church of the Immaculate Conception and within walking distance from the old town, making it the perfect place to start your L'ile Rousse tour. The square also features the Marche Couvert, which resembles an ancient Greek temple on columns, even though was built in the 19th century.

Another landmark worth including into your L'ile Rousse itinerary is Tour de Scalo. Dating back to the 16th century, it is not only a monument of architectural heritage but a historical one as well, as it has been significant throughout numerous periods of time in the eventful history of the area. While on L'ile Rousse travel, don't miss the change to also walk along the seashore pathways, one of which leads to the Lighthouse of Pietra. It actually provides some of the most picturesque views over L'ile Rousse!

Some other points of interest in L'ile Rousse are the statues of L'Île-Rousse Mermaid by Gabriel Diana and Baigneuse by Antoniucci Voltigero. Napoleon Beach is a popular site as well, loved by those seeking to soak up some sun and for those who want to experience the local culture, the streets are lined up with numerous local shops and restaurants.

Best Things to Do in L'Ile-Rousse, Corsica

  • Explore the charming Paoli Square
  • Visit the Church of the Immaculate Conception
  • Catch stunning views of the city from the Lighthouse of Pietra

The architecture and the ambiance in L'ile Rousse differ from other Corsican cities, so now it is up to you to explore it all.

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