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Apollonia Archeological Park, Llogora, Albania

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About Llogara

About Llogara

Why Visit Llogara, Albania

Charming Llogara boasts one of the best locations in Albania. Nestled in the Albanian Riviera, it is a perfect place to escape the commotion of everyday life and spend some time one on one with the defiant beauty of Albanian nature.

The Apollonia Archeological Park is, undoubtedly, among the best places to learn about Albania's history. The heart of the park is the amazing city of Apollonia. It was built by the Greeks in the 6th century. Named after Appolon, a Greek God of medicine, music, and poetry, Apollonia was a remarkable city at the time and now one of the most famous Albanian attractions. Exploring the park, you can see the impressive 2nd-century Buleuterion, an ancient Greek council building. The image of Buleuterion is now used as a symbol of antiquity in Albania. Also, you can take a look at the ancient Library, the Arch of Triumph, the Sanctuary, and the stairs of the Odeon, a Roman building built for music practices. If you are interested in the Middle Ages, you should also see the Monastery and the Church of St. Mary, one of the best-preserved monastery complexes in the country.

The second place you can't miss during your Llogara itinerary is the Llogara National Park, one of the most remarkable places in Albania and a popular hiking place. There are several different routes, demanding various levels of physical preparation, to choose from but all of them are equally spectacular. Following the forest's winding tropes, you can enjoy the amazing views over the mountains and explore the diverse wildlife of the region.

Best Things to Do During Llogara Tour

  • Explore the Apollonia Archeological Park
  • Hike the Llogara National Park
  • Visit the Palase Beach
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