Lugano, Switzerland

Lugano, Switzerland

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About Lugano

About Lugano

Why Visit Lugano, Switzerland

In case you are a fan of contrasts and mixes, you will be absolutely charmed by the captivating city of Lugano. Located right by the Italian border, Lugano is not like any other typical Swiss hub, it is rather a "small Italy" within the territory of Switzerland!

To tell you the truth, this mountain-rimmed gem of the Ticino Region simply radiates with culture and fun, as Lugano is strewn with posh boutiques, gourmet restaurants and bars that are impossible to resist. Providing a vast selection of wines, as well as local produce, such as cheese and fish straight from the lakes nearby, Lugano tour is undeniably a treat for your tastebuds. 

Those interested in fun outdoor pursuits will definitely enjoy the numerous open-air activities in the area. The possibilities to explore the scenic surroundings are endless, from trekking along the beautiful trails or simply strolling around to mountain biking and hiking.

Another great idea during Lugano sightseeing is hopping on a panoramic mountain lift ride, whether it is a cable railway to Monte San Salvatore or a cable car to Mount Tamaro. There are numerous other destinations high above sea level, thus don't miss the chance to enjoy the stunning sceneries from a higher perspective.

Apart from numerous entertainment options, Lugano travel can be enhanced by outstanding historic sights like the Cathedral of San Lorenzo and the Chiesa Santa Maria Degli Angeli Church, as well as contemporary landmarks such as LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura) the city is justifiably proud of.

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Best Things to Do in Lugano, Switzerland

  • Visit the Cathedral of San Lorenzo
  • Stop by the Chiesa Santa Maria Degli Angeli
  • Treat yourself to a boat ride along the lake
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