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Lulea, Sweden

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About Lulea

About Lulea

Why Add Lulea to Your Sweden Itinerary

Welcome to Lulea, your next frosty destination. Located in the Lapland region in northern Sweden, the coastal town is one full of astonishing nature, numerous sites bustling with people and active exploring opportunities. It is a must-visit while in Lapland since it is the biggest city in the region, offering a wide array of shops and restaurants as well.

The activities depend on the season, however, there is always something special to see and do during Lulea travel. Try walking on water on the frozen Lule River or Bay of Bothnia during winter. The ice is thick and strong enough to become the site for numerous winter activities, such as skating, snowshoe walking, ice fishing, and even biking! However, the latter one requires a special kind of bike and if you want to enjoy even more special transportation, don't miss the chance to try dog sledding while in the area in winter.

Summertime offers a different kind of fun pursuits in Lulea, such as kayaking, rafting, and hiking. A Lulea itinerary can take you through some of the most picturesque areas, some of which can be admired while hiking amid breathtaking surroundings in places like Hertsotrask or Balingeberget. There are actually nearly 200 species of plants in the Balingeberget Nature Reserve and numerous rubble fields, caves, and trails to walk along exploring the site, a must for every nature lover.

Different seasons also present different wonders in the area which are a crucial part of any Lulea tour. In winter, the sun never rises above the horizon, however, the Northern Lights shine brighter than ever, providing with an unforgettable sight witnessed only in the Arctic. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience, likewise is the Midnight Sun during summertime. The sun never disappears during the warmer months, making the visit to Lulea somewhat bizarre yet extraordinary.

Lulea sightseeing should include architectural monuments as well, such as the Lulea Cathedral and cultural heritage to delve into in places like Norrbotten Theater or Norrbottens museum.

Best Things to Do in Lulea, Sweden

  • Enjoy the nature of Swedish Lapland
  • Visit the Lulea Cathedral
  • Take your chance to see the Aurora lights

However, after exploring all the city has to offer, make sure to also check out the surroundings, such as nearby Harads and Flakaberg, they are truly beautiful villages worth your while. Surely, Lulea travel is one you will remember for a long time and will possibly want to repeat some time again. As a matter of fact, there is no reason not to!

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