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About Luxembourg

About Luxembourg

Why Visit Luxembourg City

One of the most interesting European microstates, petite Luxembourg, boasts a rich history: it had been mentioned in chronicles as early as the 10th century. The capital of the eponymous country attracts interest thanks to its renowned landmarks, the variety of spoken languages, and the fact that it once was considered the safest spot in the world. Let's dot the "I"s.

Any Luxembourg sightseeing tour always includes the astounding Bock Casemates. The long passages inside the rock formations first appeared in the 17th century and have played the role of shelters during the Second World War. It is said that the underground tunnels still connect the casemates with many historical buildings found in Luxembourg.

Another must-see during a Luxembourg trip is the Notre-Dame Cathedral, a stunning architectural highlight of the city. What makes it unique and special? The cathedral is a great example of both the late Gothic and Renaissance architecture.

Being a glorious historical location, Luxembourg City houses many European Union institutions found in Kirchberg, also known as the European Quarter. This place is perfect to plunge into the daily life of the city: a number of business centers and official bodies exteriors also merit attention. Music enthusiasts are always enchanted with the Philharmonie Luxembourg, the notable concert hall where almost 400 musical events are held annually.

A Luxembourg journey is perfect for gourmands too as here you'll find plenty of various cafes and restaurants serving unbelievable delicacies of all kinds. Quetschentaart (an open plum tart) is one to taste for sure! All in all, the pastry is somewhat a local feature, and the city is full of bakeries and shops selling various sweet delights. We also recommend trying Bouneschlupp, the traditional local soup.

One more curious fact worth knowing is that due to historical reasons people here speak either their national Luxembourg language, called Luxembourgish, or French and German.

Best Things to Do in Luxembourg

  • Check out the Bock Casemates tunnels and passages
  • Visit the Luxembourg Notre-Dame Cathedral
  • Taste the local Luxembour specialty, Quetschentaart and Bouneschlupp

To cut the long story short, Luxembourg is a fantastic destination hiding plenty of wonders inside or even below the ground (we've already mentioned the Casemates, right?). So, welcome to Luxembourg and take the chance to see something special!

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