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Malmo, Sweden

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About Malmo

About Malmo

Why Go on Malmo, Sweden Holidays

Malmo is the third largest city in Sweden and was one of the earliest and most industrialized towns of Scandinavia.

Since the construction of the Oresund Bridge, Malmo has undergone a major transition from being an industrial city to a city of knowledge with futuristic architectural developments. It is the commercial center of southern Sweden and an international city, that has about 300,000 residents of 170 different nationalities.

The area has also been called a milestone in Swedish architecture. It offers a combination of historic sites standing alongside urban structure and new modernist architecture.

A must-see to put on your Malmo itinerary is the Malmohus Castle is the oldest preserved renaissance castle in the Nordic region built in the 16th century on behalf of the Danish King Christian III.

The St. Peter's Church is another historic pride worth checking out on your Malmo tour. Built in the 14th century, it is a Gothic, three-naved brick church with a 96-meter high tower.

Home to Scandinavia's tallest building, beautiful parks, edgy contemporary museums, and some seriously good cuisine, the opening of the Oresund Bridge in 2000 has also been an undeniably positive factor for Malmo, connecting it to bigger cooler Copenhagen and creating a dynamic new urban conglomeration.

Best Things to Do in Malmo, Sweden

  • Explore the renaissance Malmohus Castle
  • Visit the St. Peter's Church
  • Take a picture by the Oresund Bridge
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