Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakesh, Morocco

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About Marrakech

About Marrakech

Why Visit Marrakech, Morocco

One of the brightest towns in Morocco, the "Red City" of Marrakech is a former imperial town. Its narrow labyrinth UNESCO-listed old medina gives the impression of traveling back in time.

Dating back to the times of Moroccan Berber empires, the city encompasses exquisite historic treasures, easily recognized by 12-century orange-red walls. It was founded in 1062 by Abu Bakr ibn Umar and boasts numerous mosques and madrasas (Koranic schools) of that time period.

Marrakech grew to be a large city and an important cultural, religious, and trading center in sub-Saharan Africa. Today it is a thriving tourist destination that has a lot to offer. The main highlights include the ancient city walls with typical Moroccan towers and gates.

Another sight to surely place on your Marrakech itinerary is the breathtaking El Badi Palace built in 1578. The 12th-century Royal Palace, as well as the 19th-century Bahia Palace, are great examples of riads (Moroccan mansions) that have similar styles as Roman villas.

The Djemaa el-Fnaa Square - the center of city activity and trade - shouldn't be missed as well and be highlighted in your Morocco trip plan. Numerous functioning souks (or traditional Berber markets) that are scattered about the medina decorate the city with bright colors and offer a large variety of exclusive Moroccan goods and crafts.

The ancient Menara Gardens located to the west of the city, as well as the beautiful Majorelle Gardens which belonged to Yves Saint Laurent, are also popular places for Marrakech trips.

What is more, Marrakech posses many medieval mosques. As such, the red stone and brick Koutoubia Mosque completed around 1190 can't be missed. The Ben Youssef Mosque is another local marvel that was originally erected in the 12th century. Time provided, consider stopping by the 16th-century mausoleum for Saadian rulers and sultans, the Saadian Tombs, too.

Best Things to Do on a Marrakech Vacation

  • Explore the one-of-a-kind El Badi Palace, Royal Palace, and Bahia Palace
  • Enjoy the traditional Berber markets located by the Djemaa el-Fnaa Square
  • Spend relaxing time in the Menara Gardens or the Majorelle Gardens
All Attractions in Marrakech

All Attractions in Marrakech

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