Merzouga, Morocco

Merzouga, Morocco

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About Merzouga

About Merzouga

Why Visit Merzouga, Morocco

The southeastern Moroccan city of Merzouga is a city you won't be able to forget. Located in the Sahara Desert, it's undoubtedly the best place to admire the sand dunes while riding on a camel, to marvel at breathtaking sunsets and stay overnight at desert camps. The Erg Chebbi Desert right near the city provides astonishing views of imposing mountains of sand and creates an ambiance like no other.

The main activity and the biggest tourist attraction in the area is undoubtedly a camel ride in the desert. And for a reason! This amazing experience is a must during Merzouga travel, so make sure to hop on and enjoy the views from a higher perspective. If you're seeking something even more exciting, change the camel journey for a 4x4 jeep safari and get ready to feel the joy of flying across the desert.

Another great stop on a Merzouga tour is the small town of Khamlia. Located just outside Merzouga, it is the perfect place to explore the culture of the area and listen to some traditional Gnawa music. The ancient African Islamic spiritual songs and dances were performed during rituals to help people in need of physical or spiritual healing, using specific instruments, such as a guembri lute and krakebs. Nowadays musicians perform it to a growing number of tourists each year in order to share their culture, which is undoubtedly a unique experience.

Morocco Sahara tours in the desert provide some fascinating experiences too from camping among the sandy dunes to stargazing at night. After the sun sets, the temperature changes accordingly, however, if dressed properly, observing the stars in the Sahara is something truly indescribable. As for daytime activities, don't miss the chance to go sandboarding in the dunes! It's not something you can do just anywhere, so make sure to include that to your Merzouga itinerary.

Best Things to Do in Merzouga, Morocco

  • Enjoy the picturesque panoramas of the Sahara sand dunes
  • Ride a camel as part of the traditional Moroccan caravan
  • Experience staying overnight at a Merzouga luzury desert camp, gazing at the stars

The fascinating adventures of staying in the Sahara Desert await you in Morocco's Merzouga, so get ready to explore and embrace all that it has to offer!

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