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About Milan

About Milan

Why Visit Milan, Italy

The world's fashion capital, Milan, is one of the most visited cities in Northern Italy and in the world. Having seen the ruling of Caesars and Napoleon, Milan, for sure, has a lot to demonstrate. Being a rapidly developing metropolis, Milan hasn't forgotten its past and traditions which you will certainly notice during your Milan tour.

Milan is home to such magnificent sights as Milan Duomo and the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, where the legendary Leonardo da Vinci's fresco "The Last Supper" is located.

To take in more art, visit another remarkable Milan attraction, the Scala Theatre, which stands among the most celebrated opera houses in Europe. The inside gold-colored interiors entirely mesmerize visitors and create a pompous and luxurious atmosphere.

Travelers are also free to enrich their Milan travel itinerary with numerous museums and galleries, which this city abounds in. Here are just a few of the options to consider adding to your Milan itinerary: the Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Museo del Novecento Gallerie d'Italia, Casa Museo Boschi-di Stefano, as well as Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia.

Milan Italy has aptly been called a fashion capital and a perfect city to do quality shopping. In fact, being dressed up is considered as an art form in Milan so don't neglect to leave a day for shopping in your Milan tour. For the most refined and exclusive collections head to such malls as Rinascente, The Brian and Barry Building, and Excelsior Milano.

Moreover, if you're planning to visit Milan in March, you just can't miss The MICAM, the leading footwear exhibition where you can fix your eyes on what trends to follow the next year! So don't miss the chance to become a trendsetter!

All in all, Milan is just a magnet for travelers from around the globe as this vibrant hub boasts its unique vibe and style which is able to make travelers in love with it at first glance.

Best Things to Do in Milan, Italy

  • Enjoy the main city symbol, the white-stone Milan Cathedral called Duomo Cathedral
  • Check out the icon shopping mall, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
  • Stop by Milan's famous opera venue, the La Scala Theater
  • Traverse the historic Brera district, lined with typically Milanese architecture
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