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About Montreux

About Montreux

Why Visit Montreux, Switzerland

We bet it is hard to find a person who would refuse a relaxing vacation in a beautiful place, right? And if you have Switzerland on your travel radar, we highly recommend visiting Montreux, the lovely capital of the Swiss Riviera. 

Stretching along the shores of Lake Geneva, the Swiss Riviera boasts a mild climate and inspiring landscapes that are worth the ride. The town of Montreux itself provides a truly bohemian vibe, being both a luxurious resort and a famous winemaking hub.

Start your Montreux tour by strolling around the Vieille-Ville, the old town of the city. Admire the authentic architecture on site and enjoy the bustling streets full of charming cafes, restaurants, shops and welcoming people. Don't miss the chance to go souvenir hunting or try some local delicacies while in the area!

Renowned for its wine, the area also boasts the stunning Lavaux Vineyards. With a backdrop of the Alps and sceneries of the Geneva Lake, the UNESCO-listed vineyard is crossed by a number of pathways, creating numerous ways to admire the spectacular views. Make sure to also visit one of the numerous wine cellars on site as well to sample the local wine. 

Those interested in historic heritage won't leave the town disappointed either. A real highlight of any Montreux tour is a visit to the magnificent Chillon Castle, a masterpiece dating back to the 13th century. Currently open to the public, it welcomes a growing number of visitors each year wishing to unveil its mysteries.

Best Things to Do in Montreux, Switzerland

  • Explore the historic Chillon Castle
  • Treat yourself to a boat ride along Lake Geneva
  • Stroll along the gorgeous Montreux promenade
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All Attractions in Montreux

All Attractions in Montreux

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