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About Murmansk

About Murmansk

Why Visit Murmansk, Russia

Feel ready for a real adventure? Captivated by the idea of discovering the northernmost lands of Russia? If the answer is yes, we invite you to step off the beaten path and set off on an exciting Murmansk tour.

This port city is the largest Russian hub north of the Arctic Circle which, in itself, is a great reason to start planning your Murmansk itinerary without any hesitation. A must on your list should be the Church of the Saviour on the Waters, a beautiful monument commemorating the seamen who never came back to the shore. Another landmark in remembrance of the cruelties of the past in the area is the well-kept British Naval Cemetery.

During Murmansk sightseeing, don't miss the one-of-a-kind opportunity to embark the Nuclear Icebreaker Lenin, which is actually the first nuclear-powered icebreaker in the world.

There you will have the possibility to explore the authentic interior of the ship, as well as a nuclear reactor.

For some fun outdoor pursuits, visit the Ice Bathers' Hut, where some of the bravest people gather to take a dip into the freezing waters of Lake Semyonovskoe through a hole cut in the ice. If you're not into swimming in icy waters, spend your time indoors while discovering some truly unique exhibitions in the Museum of the Northern Fleet.

In fact, Murmansk is an atmospheric city where the magic happens on a daily basis, especially in winter. When polar night falls, Murmansk literally becomes a stage for colorful light shows as the city is one of the best points in the world for Northern lights seeking. You can even see two or three midnight suns in the sky at once which is a typical phenomenon for these latitudes.

Best Things to Do in Murmansk, Russia

  • Explore the Nuclear Icebreaker Lenin
  • Visit the Church of the Saviour on the Waters
  • Take advantage of going Northern Lights seeking
  • Enjoy the exhibitions in the Museum of the Northern Fleet
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