Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg, Germany

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About Nuremberg

About Nuremberg

Why Visit Nuremberg on German Holidays

The second-largest city of Bavaria, one-of-a-kind Nuremberg, is a must-visit destination during any Germany travel. The city is famed due to its stunning medieval architecture, art, and exceptional beer.

In the Middle Ages, Nuremberg was one of the most prosperous German cities and later, at the beginning of the 19th century, it became a place of pilgrimage for artists from all over Europe.

Moreover, the first German railway and the 177-kilometer Ludwig Canal passed through renowned Nuremberg, making it an important hub.

It is also interesting to mention that Nuremberg was one of the favorite cities of Hitler who claimed that the gothic architecture of the city embodies the best of Germanic culture.

To get a complete image of the city during your Nuremberg tour, consider starting your exploration from the Old Town that houses the Market Square (called Hauptmarkt) and the city wall.

Without a doubt, save a spot on your travel agenda for the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg. This fortified medieval beauty has made it to our days since the Middle Ages and is an iconic sight.

You also may add the picturesque Burgviertel Quarter, boasting historic buildings which managed to survive the bombing during the Second World War, to your Nuremberg itinerary.

Museum lovers will be interested in visiting: Kunsthalle, the Neues Museum, Albrecht Dürer's House, the City Museum Fembohaus, the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds, and the Germanic National Museum.

If you are interested in shopping, the city has 3 main shopping street you should pay attention to: Breite Gasse, Kоnigsstrasse, and Karolinenstrasse.

Best Things to Do in Nuremberg, Germany

  • Explore the old town and the Market Square
  • Traverse the authentic Burgviertel Quarter
  • Visit one of the many unique Nuremberg museums
All Attractions in Nuremberg

All Attractions in Nuremberg

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