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Palermo, Italy

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About Palermo

About Palermo

Why Set Off on Palermo Tours

Being one of the most visited cities on the island, Palermo is like nothing else in the world. This small province stretches out in Italy's northern Sicily and can easily become the highlight of your trip.

It is a sensual and fascinating city, famous for its diverse culture and characterized history. Every part of Palermo fascinates, but during your visit, you definitely won't want to miss the Palace of the Normans (an absolute "must" to put down on your Palermo itinerary). Some parts of this former royal palazzo date back to as early as the 9th century, making it one of the oldest royal seats in entire Europe.

Inside you can also find the renown Palatine Chapel, also referred to as the Cappella Palatina. Built in the 1100s for the Norman kings, it is adorned with remarkable historic frescos and breathtaking gold interior decorations which have made it to our time practically intact.

What's for other places worth checking out during your Palermo tour, see the Palermo Cathedral which is more than 500 years old and is often regarded as the city symbol. Plus, make sure to stop by the most recognizable fountain of Sicily, set on the Piazza Pretoria, and visit the Church of St. John of the Hermits, noted for its unique architecture.

For a spooky yet interesting exploration, consider going to the Capuchin Catacombs. This underground maze-like burial ground contains more than seven thousand mummies of local aristocracy and monks who lived in the 17th-19th centuries. The place will most likely give you goosebumps yet it is among the few of its kind which can be visited.

Those who are into art should visit the Galleria d'Arte Moderna, the Salinas, or see a performance at the Teatro Massimo too.

What is more, to brighten up your Palermo experience, treat yourself to some local specialties, including cannoli, caponata, and arancina.

Best Things to Do in Palermo, Italy

  • Explore the capital of Sicily and its historic treasures such as La Martorana and San Cataldo churches
  • Enjoy the beauty of the adorned Cappella Palatina, the Palatine Chapel, located in the Norman Palace
  • Taste the traditional Sicilian style pizza, Sfincione, which has originated from Palermo
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Top Attractions in Palermo

Top Attractions in Palermo

Sicily Island, Italy

The largest island in the Mediterranean sea, gorgeous Sicily is one of the most visited destinations in Italy.

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