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About Pitlochry

About Pitlochry

Why Visit Pitlochry, United Kingdom

Pitlochry might seem small at first, however, the range of activities is as wide as could be. With numerous possibilities for outdoor pursuits, as well as other leisurely activities, Pitlochry travel is truly an unforgettable experience.

For those seeking to feel the adrenaline rush, Pitlochry travel is the best choice, as the surroundings are perfect for white water rafting, canoeing, cycling, and even bungee jumping! Enjoy the adventurous getaway to the fullest by trying out at least one of the numerous open-air attractions.

If you seek a slower-paced break, explore the relaxing ways to spend your time outdoors, such as fishing, golfing or walking along the beautiful trails surrounded by the wondrous nature of Scotland. 

In addition to that, if picture-perfect nature is something you enjoy, the Queen's View Viewpoint is a must while Pitlochry sightseeing. Overlooking the scenic Loch Tummel it is believed to have been named after Queen Victoria after her visit to the location back in 1866. 

After exploring the outdoors, make sure to visit the Melt Gallery, exhibiting numerous artifacts of the Scottish heritage, as well as the Atholl Palace Museum telling the story of the former Palace Hotel.

Don't miss the chance to unwind and grab a drink at a distillery while on Pitlochry tour as well, to sample some local drinks and get acquainted with the bustling cultural scene on site.

Best Things to Do in Pitlochry, Scotland

  • Taste local beverages in the distillery of Pitlochry
  • Take in the beauty of Scottish nature
  • Stop by the Melt Gallery
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Top Attractions in Pitlochry

Top Attractions in Pitlochry

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Explore the vast territory of Perthshire Big Tree Country and marvel at giant Douglas firs and scenic landscapes of the area.
Stirling Castle

Stop for a moment to enjoy a guided tour of the beautiful Stirling Castle and get acquainted with the country's history and its royal heritage.

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All Attractions in Pitlochry

All Attractions in Pitlochry

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