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About Portmeirion

About Portmeirion

Why Visit Portmeirion, United Kingdom

Founded back in the 20th century by the architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, Portmeirion is a village in North Wales like no other in the United Kingdom. 

Being an active campaigner for the preservation of the environment, as well as an expert in design and architecture, Sir Clough Williams-Ellis devoted 50 years of his life for the creation of the village as we see it now. A growing number of tourists visit each year to admire the exceptional architecture, remarkable sceneries of nature and the bustling cultural scene likewise.

Among the main attractions of Portmeirion sightseeing are the charming Portmeirion Gardens, providing breathtaking views along numerous pathways, dazzling hidden lakes, and other mysterious peculiarities. It also features some lovely pieces of architecture, resembling those of the Italian coastal villages. It all adds up to one picture-perfect scenery indeed!

To admire the scenic nature in the village, make sure to visit the Gwyllt, a woodland garden full of wondrous plants and locations. It features a Japanese Garden, a lily-covered pond and even the Dog's Cemetery! Definitely a unique place to discover during Portmeirion travel.

Some other must-sees on the Portmeirion itinerary include the lovely Battery Square and the Bristol Colonnade, as well as the Hercules Hall. 

Best Things to Do in Portmeirion, Wales

  • Explore the Castell Deudraeth
  • Check out the Bristol Colonnade
  • Unwind in the Portmeirion Gardens
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