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Why Visit Reims, France

Welcome to charming France! Situated in the Grand Est region of the country, the beautiful city of Reims makes a wonderful stop on any European tour. It is famous for the UNESCO world heritage listed Reims Cathedral, in which all of the French kings were crowned, but above all, it is known worldwide for being the home of champagne. With numerous historical monuments, architecture and champagne tastings, it is a great place to admire the unique ambiance of France.

The best site to start your Reims tour with is the Notre Dame Cathedral. Smaller than the one in Paris, but not less impressive, it stands as a landmark of the city and is visited by a growing number of tourists each year. The Reims Cathedral was built in 1211 and has been used as a venue for the coronation of kings of France throughout the years. Largely damaged during the WW1, the cathedral was rebuilt in 1938 and is considered now to be among the most historically important sites in entire France.

Continue your tour with the imposing Palace of Tau located just a short walk away from the cathedral. After being crowned, the kings held their banquets at the palace, which has actually been rebuilt in different styles typical of the time. Today it is used as a museum with numerous artifacts and exhibitions to explore. Another imposing monument worth adding to your Reims itinerary is the St. Remi Basilica. The abbey church is a mix of Romanesque and Gothic elements, featuring a beautiful nave and transept, a choir gallery and a chandelier. The Musee St-Remi is located right next door, so make sure to visit it and get to know more about the site.

Talking about museums, Reims has plenty to offer! Admire the fine arts in the Musee des Beaux-Arts or get acquainted with the history of the city in the garden museum Hotel Le Vergeur. Musee Automobile Reims Champagne is a treat for automobile lovers, while those interested in the WW2 will undoubtedly enjoy getting to know more about it in the Musee de la Reddition. There are many to chose from!

What is more, Reims is often called the capital of the Champagne region in France, which is known all over the world for being its top-notch bubbly wines. Thus, going on a Champagne tour for an exquisite tasting experience is an absolute "must" while in the area.

Best Things to Do in Reims, France

  • Go on a tasting of local Champagne
  • Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral of Reims
  • Stop by the Palace of Tau and the St. Remi Basilica

Another crucial part of Reims travel is sampling local delicacies, such as ham or mustard, so make sure to try them all! The city is truly not only full of exceptional sites and activities but a treat to your taste buds as well.

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