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About Ronda

About Ronda

Why Visit Ronda, Spain

Welcome to the unforgettable city of Ronda! Being one of the most visited places in Southern Spain, it is truly a wonder. Ronda consists of two parts, the old Moorish town and the "newer" part called Mercadillo. Both of them are nestled on each side of the 100 m (328 ft) deep El Tajo Gorge and connected by the world-famous 18th-century Puente Nuevo Bridge. It's one of the most photographed places in Spain and the views both of and from this one-of-a-kind structure are absolutely spectacular.

A lion's share of the sunny history of Ronda is connected with bullfighting. The city is the birthplace of Francisco Romero who is believed to be the father of modern bullfighting. He was the first to face a bull on foot (and not on horseback as it was done before, plus Francisco introduced the cape and the muleta to the process and look of a toreador.

Also, Ronda is the home of Spain's oldest bullring, the Real Maestranza, built by Jose Martin, the same architect who gave the world the magnificent Puente Nuevo. This amazing structure goes back to the 18th century and can hold up to 5000 people. There are guided tours around the property available (for an additional fee) and you are welcome to visit the Real Maestranza Museum too.

Right next to the old city walls you can find the best-preserved Arabic bath (Banos Arabes) in Spain. They were built around the 13th century and consist of the hot, medium, and cold rooms where you still can find the old cauldron used to heat the water, coming from the two nearby streams. The most remarkable part of the building is the beautiful star-shaped vent in the ceiling that really helps to set the pace.

You can also enrich your Ronda itinerary with the gorgeous Jardines de Cuenca garden, literally hanging over the canyon. It's made as a chain of small terraces, planted with palm trees and various succulents that can survive hot Spanish summers. These balconies climb towards the main bridge and you can't find a better place to spend a day out, have a picnic, pluck some fresh olives or have a nap under the endless sky.

Apart from the fantastic scenery and incredible location, no Ronda trip can be considered complete without a tour of the amazing local wineries.

The Serrania de Ronda has been used for wine-making since the Roman times and the city is among the latest additions to the official Spanish wine routes. It's famous for its exquisite reds, although the region also produces whites and roses. So visiting the Descalzos Viejos winery is a must during your Ronda travel.

So, can you think of anything better than taking a stroll along with the old cobalt Paseo E Hemingway, marvelling at the jaw-dropping views, and bathing in the bright Spanish sun?

Best Things to Do During Ronda Tours

  • Walk down the La Mina, an Islamic staircase consisting of 231 steps cut into a rock
  • Take a picture on the scenic Plaza Duquesa de Parcent
  • Check out the recognizable Puento Nuevo bridge
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