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Rothenburg, Germany

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About Rothenburg

About Rothenburg

Why Visit Rothenburg, Germany

Rothenburg is the real-life fairytale town you have to see while in Germany. Located in the region of Bavaria, the town is famous for its medieval old town, cobbled narrow streets, authentic architecture, and picturesque sceneries, attracting tourists to enjoy its ambiance and beauty. It should most definitely be on your itinerary when going to Germany as well!

Walking around the old town and enjoying the surroundings is the best part of Rothenburg sightseeing. Its streets have maintained the charm throughout years and will surely take you back in time as you spend time admiring the half-timbered houses on site. A great idea is walking atop the medieval city walls, especially right before sunset when the stones glow in all the shades of gold.

While in the old town of the city, make sure to visit Roderturm and Plonlein, some of the most eye-catching sites in the city. The Roderturm Tower is a must too since upon climbing to the top you can admire the beautiful views of the city and there is a small exhibition inside, providing with some interesting information. Meanwhile, Plonlein, also known as the Little Square, is possibly the most popular places among photographers. The picturesque scenery of the little yellow house in between the Siebers Tower and the Kobozell Gate can be seen on basically every postcard from Rothenburg.

Among the most popular and original activities during Rothenburg travel is the Night Watchman tour. Explore the city while listening to numerous stories and legends on a walking tour surrounded by darkness. Another exceptional and rather unusual way to get acquainted with the history in the area is the Medieval Crime and Punishment Museum, which surely offers captivating exhibitions.

Any Rothenburg itinerary has to include the St. Jakob's Church, featuring a magnificent Twelve Apostles Altar, as well as the German Christmas Museum with exhibitions dedicated to the Christmas traditions in the city.

Top Rothenburg, Germany Itinerary "Musts"

  • Enjoy the cobblestone Rothenburg ob der Tauber old town
  • Take a picture by the lovely Rothenburg Town Hall
  • Stop by the picturesque yellow Plonlein house

However, food is also an important part of Rothenburg worth exploring. One of its most famous delicacies is the Schneeball, a fried ball made of pastry, covered in sugar.

Visit Rothenburg yourself and enjoy the authentic architecture, bustling streets, local delights, and all the other wonders!

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