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Why Visit Rouen, France

Looking for the ultimate French experience? Visit Rouen, the capital of the Normandy region, and explore its bustling cultural scene, beautiful architecture, deeply-rooted traditions in gastronomy, and lots more. The city is beautifully situated along the River Seine providing picturesque sceneries and plenty of areas for strolling around after actively exploring the wonders of the city.

Among numerous landmarks, it's best to begin your Rouen tour with the imposing Notre-Dame Cathedral. This stunning Gothic masterpiece is actually the tallest cathedral in France! After marveling at the magnificent exterior of the monument, make sure to step inside where the embalmed heart of Richard the Lionheart is entombed. Similar sites worth visiting include the Abbey of Saint-Ouen and Church of Saint-Maclou.

Continue your Rouen travel by marveling at the monumental Gros Horloge, a town clock in the historic quarter of the city. The Renaissance clock is now considered to be one of the main landmarks of the city and is located within a walking distance from the beautiful Rue de l'Epicerie, a street portrayed by the painter Camille Pissarro in 1898. The historic quarter is great for wandering around and admiring the colorful half-timber buildings that create a truly authentic ambiance all around. Don't forget to visit the Old Market Square while in the area as well!

If buildings and architecture are not on your bucket list, make sure to enjoy the nature and museums in the city. Discover the green side of Rouen sightseeing by visiting numerous gardens in Jardin des Plantes or take a stroll on the picturesque riverbanks of Seine. Continue then to explore the ample museum scene by visiting the Musee des Beaux-Arts, Musee de la Ceramique, Musee de Rouen and other.

All in all, Rouen offers numerous activities, attractions, and amazing sites to see, now it's up to you to come to this part of France and experience it firsthand.

Best Things to Do in Rouen, France

  • Visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Rouen
  • Stop by the town clock, Gros Horloge
  • Explore the Old Market Square and Rue de l'Epicerie

Another important part of the French experience is sampling the local cuisine. Don't miss the chance to visit one of the markets in Rouen to take a glimpse at the local produce and taste some delicacies specific of the area. Some great places to do just that are the Vieux-Marche and the Clos Saint-Marc Market. If you're more into fine dining, step inside one of the numerous high-quality restaurants in the city and enjoy the wonders of French gastronomy.

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