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About Rovaniemi

About Rovaniemi

Why Visit Rovaniemi, Finland

Placed in the north of Finland, Rovaniemi offers much to be charmed with. People come here to get excited by incredible scenery as well as to get to know more about the authentic Sami culture (the Sami are indigenous people who now live not only within Finland but in adjacent Sweden and Norway and in some parts of Russia). All in all, a Rovaniemi tour is always full of spectacular activities mostly connected with Christmas and Santa Claus, a universally loved grandpa whose name all of us associate with holiday wizardry and fairy-tale magic. Are you ready to start the enchanting journey? Step foot in the kingdom of the miracle.

Rovaniemi sightseeing delights with adorable landscapes. Scandinavian natural wonders have long been honored by poets and artists, and all those who come here in winter feel a strong wish to chant the praises of astounding Aurora Borealis.

The natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights, bright atmospheric shining caused by certain physical processes, make us believe that the world is a marvel. The stunning view of the sparkling glow astonishes and sets forever in everyone's memory. Would you like to come and see the incredible colorful lights and enjoy their fantastic beauty too?

The Rovaniemi center houses the Arktikum, a large museum showing the city's history. Here you have the chance to see the interactive exhibition giving the outline of local natural features and extreme conditions of the North. Arctic research is provided too. What is more, the museum touches upon the Samis. The indigenous people whose lifestyle and traditions stand apart from the European culture sometimes seem enigmatic and encourage the traveler's wish to explore the mysteries of the northern land.

But even if you haven't had the opportunity to learn a lot about this far-away region in the north of the Scandinavian peninsula, what comes to your mind when you hear about Finland? Plenty of us imagine reindeer, the fabulous mates of the local people whose soft fur and graceful antlers make these cloven-hoofed mammals almost the most photogenic animals in the world. We all saw those numerous bright postcards with reindeer carrying Santa, right? But don't you think this gray-bearded old man is the only one to sit in the sled?

Well, let Santa does his job while all the rest tourists may visit Sirmakko, the local reindeer farm. Here you'll not only be able to have a fantastic ride but even get the chance to play with the reindeer and feed them too. More good news for animal lovers: a big number of Rovaniemi trips include husky sledding. Take your seat in a cozy carriage!

Do you already think that's its time to set off on an adventure of your own? Ho-ho-ho, you've never been so right. Hear the booming laughter, who's that? Well, you are going to come across the word "Santa" the second you set foot in Lapland. The main hub and administrative center of the province house the Santa Claus Village. In Santa's official residence you can take fabulous photos and send a card from his own post office.

Christmas joy is all around! Some visitors have more fun by getting the Certificate of crossing the Arctic Circle, a lovely addition to your souvenir collection, indeed.

Those who're traveling with kids need to drop by Santa Park, a big theme amusement center, where everyone feels electric as there's no chance to be sad in a place where the elves make the Christmas toys and the air smells like gingerbread.

Best Things to Do in Rovaniemi, Finland

  • Visit the Santa Claus Village
  • Get acquainted with local reindeer and husky dogs
  • Learn more about the culture of the Sami people
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All Attractions in Rovaniemi

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