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St Moritz, Switzerland

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About Saint Moritz

About Saint Moritz

Why Go to Saint Moritz, Switzerland

The host of the Winter Olympic Games of 1928 and 1948, one of the richest places in the world, a must-visit resort for any skiing enthusiast, St. Moritz is a fantastic place, a bridge between tradition and innovation, and one of the cities you can’t miss during your Switzerland itinerary. Nestled right on the mountainside of the magnificent Alps, the city is bathing in sunlight 320 days a year and offers absolutely stunning views on the picturesque Engadine valley and the breathtaking St. Moritz and Maloja Lakes. Apart from taking in the beauty of Switzerland’s nature, there are a lot of ways to spice up your St. Moritz trip.

The highest resort in Switzerland with over 20 lifts carrying skiers up the mountains, this tiny resort city provides some of the best intermediate terrains with several exceptionally long runs. Not in the mood for skiing? Not a problem, you are welcome to take advantage of the amazing ice skating rinks, try yourself in tobogganing, curling, Nordic and kite skiing. The hotheads can even try the bobsledding. The 75 seconds of a pure adrenaline rush, the ride down the oldest operating (and the only natural) bobsled run is an experience you will never forget. The skilled driver takes a willing down the 1722-meter (5650 ft) Olympic run at 135 km/h (37.5 m/s) and they finish just 3 seconds slower than the Olympic champions.

Summers offer a lot to explore too. Actually, before transformation into the top-class ski resort, 130 years ago St. Moritz was a summer holiday spot where British used to sick cover from their unpredictable weather. During the period from May to September, tourists can enjoy the unhurried walks around the lakes, watch the birds, sunbathe, go fishing, and marvel at the scenic views. If you prefer more active holidays, you can try yourself in sailing on the St. Moritz Lake or windsurfing on the gorgeous Lake Maloja.

One more thing you don’t want to miss during your St. Moritz travel is a memorable ride on the iconic Glacier Express that goes from St. Moritz to scenic Zermatt. If you think that a train ride can’t be special, this is exactly the ride to prove you wrong. You will spend

Best Things to Do in Scenic Saint Moritz

  • Take a funicular all the way up to Corviglia
  • Explore the Engadine Museum and the St. Moritz Design Gallery
  • Go for a 1.5-hour walk on marvelous forest paths along the Quellenberg (1920 m / 6300 ft) or the Johannisberg (2002 m/6570 ft) to the Hahnensee restaurant, offering some of the best views in Switzerland.

7 hours on board a modern train, dashing through Switzerland’s magnificent mountain roads, providing jaw-dropping countryside views, crossing 291 bridges (some at head-spinning height!), the Oberalp mountain pass at 2033 m (6667 ft) altitude, and run through the 91 tunnels!

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