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About Salamanca

About Salamanca

Why Visit Salamanca, Spain

Despite its almost 3 thousand-year history, this Spanish city has always been cheerful and young at heart. Yes, it's all about Salamanca as this ancient university city has enjoyed popularity among students and the youth since the early 13th century. And now we are pleased to invite you to follow in the footsteps of the greatest Spanish philosophers, scientists, writers, and artists to discover the amazingly rich Salamanca heritage from the halls of the ancient world-famous university and gorgeous cathedrals to charming medieval streets and quiet squares.

Located in western Spain in the Castile and Leon region, Salamanca is the place with a special, almost magical atmosphere and exceptional legacy due to which the city was ranked as a significant UNESCO World Heritage Site. The majority of Salamanca architecture is built from sandstone which sparkles gold and pink in the glow of the sunset. The locals even call Salamanca "La Dorada" or the Golden City.

We strongly recommend starting your Salamanca tour from the University of Salamanca, the oldest university in Spain which is often compared to the universities of Oxford and Bologna. Among the most famous university students were such Spanish writers as Pedro Calderon de la Barca and Miguel de Cervantes. The building that you can witness today was built in the 15-16th centuries and its most interesting feature is the fancy facade in the plateresque style (which is a nice photo spot, by the way).

For more beautiful facades, you should explore such Salamanca attractions as the 18th-century baroque square, Plaza Mayor de Salamanca, the ornate edifice of the Salamanca Cathedral, and the Dominican monastery of San Esteban.

After you have covered all main check-points of your planned Salamanca itinerary, you definitely should save time for visiting local bars and restaurants.

As Salamanca is a university city, the bar culture is quite developed here. To tell the truth, Salamanca is a real paradise for meat eaters as well, so if you always wanted to try authentic jamon, chorizo, and good steaks, this is the right place!

Best Things to Do in Salamanca, Spain

  • Visit the historic University of Salamanca and the old town
  • Take the chance to explore the pompous Old Cathedral of Salamanca and the outstanding Main Square, Plaza Mayor
  • Get the taste of Salamanca, organizing an extensive degustation of local specialties and wines
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