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Why Visit San Sebastian, Spain

Hidden away from the major Spain tourist routes, San Sebastian is the town where you won't face too many crowds and foreigners - and that's the finest thing about it! Set close to the border with France, San Sebastian is considered to be one of the most elite resorts in entire Spain. Just like France has Nice, Spain has San Sebastian, beloved by the locals and savvy travelers!

The town, indeed, boasts all features a perfect resort can have: a quiet secluded bay, a wide strip of sandy beaches framed by hills, and a nice infrastructure with a scenic quay, endless cafes, and shops.

Unlike the majority of Mediterranean resorts, San Sebastian or Donostia (that's how they call it in the Basque Country) has a more homogeneous appearance and a solidity of style. The city's ensemble acquired its contemporary view in the era of Art Nouveau and subsequently adjusted to the chosen style. As such, most of the buildings in the San Sebastian Old Town are built from yellow stone. To everyone's joy, local authorities spare no effort on the city's beautification so all the facades are impeccably plastered and remind lovely dollhouses!

Any San Sebastian tour should start from the Old Town, represented by many winding streets, cozy local cafes, and bars. The main square of San Sebastian houses the library as well as the funicular, which can take you to the top of Mount Igeldo. The mountain offers simply magnificent panoramas of the city and the Urumea River.

Among the other attractions to put on your San Sebastian itinerary are the San Sebastian Cathedral, the beautiful Miramar Palace, and a nice example of Gothic, the Church of Santa Maria del Mar.

San Sebastian

  • Visit the San Sebastian Cathedral and the Church of Santa Maria del Mar
  • Have a peaceful stroll around the Old Town, called Parte Vieja
  • Spend a day, basking in the sun on one of the most renowned beaches in Spain, Beach of the Concha

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