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About Seville

About Seville

Why Visit Seville, Spain

Marvelous Seville (also called Sevilla) is a historic treasure, the homeland of tapas, and simply a joyous place. It is actually the biggest town in southern Spain, and one thing's sure, it is full of surprises!

Apart from extremely rich heritage (it is one of the largest historical centers in Europe), important monuments and fascinating history, Seville is the city of Carmen, "Pure Flamenco" and Figaro! So make sure to save some time on your Seville itinerary for attending an evening performance.

The city stands on the banks of the smooth and slow Guadalquivir River, that divides it into two parts. According to the legend, the town was founded by Hercules, yet the peak of its history was connected with the discovery of America in 1492.

When you plan your Spain itinerary and take Seville sightseeing tours we recommend not to miss its highlights, most of which are in the old town. Begin with the mighty Gothic Cathedral of Seville and its Giralda Tower (this bell tower opens a spectacular view of the city and is perfect for photo opportunities of Seville panoramas).

The gem of the city surely worth exploring is the Royal Alcazar Palace, this incredible adorned complex was built for kings and is known for its marvelous gardens.

Without a doubt, make sure to place the Archive of the Indies on your Seville itinerary too. This unique place, set in a former merchants' building of exchange, keeps the historical records of the American continent. One more interesting location you may check out is the Casa de Pilatos, a beautiful 16th-century mansion.

Of course, be sure to treat yourself to some Spanish tapas, as their birthplace is here in Seville which has more than a 1000 bars, thus the variety and choice of these world-famous snacks is practically unlimited. Walk down Seville's cozy streets and feel the hospitality and positive vibe of this charming town.

Best Things to Do on Seville Tours

  • Enjoy the outstanding architecture of the Real Alcazar of Seville
  • See the must-visit landmarks like the Seville Cathedral and Giralda Tower
  • Move to the fiery beat of flamenco in the motherland of this dance
  • Taste some mouthwatering local Spanish tapas
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Top Attractions in Seville

Top Attractions in Seville

Cadiz, Spain

Located in the sun-kissed region of Andalucia, Cadiz is practically an island in the Atlantic Ocean, connected with the mainland by a 3-km (1,8 miles) bridge.

Flamenco Show, Spain

Traditionally Seville is considered as the city of "Pure Flamenco", yet numerous dance collectives all around the country stage incredible Flamenco dance shows in practically every city of Spain.

Real Alcazar of Seville, Spain

The Real Alcazar is a fortified Moorish palace located in Seville built on the order of the first Caliph of Andalucia in 913 and is the oldest royal palace still in use in Europe.

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All Attractions in Seville

All Attractions in Seville

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