Sheki, Azerbaijan

Sheki, Azerbaijan

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About Sheki

About Sheki

Why Visit Sheki, Azerbaijan

Despite being small, Sheki is a gem of Azerbaijan that has a whole lot to offer, especially when it comes to historic attractions.

One of the most popular ones is the Palace of Sheki Khans, which is a magnificent example of Islamic architecture. Built back in 1797 as a summer residence for Muhammad Hasan Khan, the Palace of Shaki Khans is a masterpiece of lavish decoration. Both the exterior or interior decorations of the palace embody the architectural glamour of the ancient Shaki Khanate. In 1998, the Palace of Shaki Khans was nominated for the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites.

Some other attractions on Sheki itinerary are exploring the lesser-known but beautiful Winter Palace and staying in a Caravanserai, which used to accommodate travelers on the Silk Road. 

Apart from that, Sheki has a stunning setting. Enjoy the amazing views, wander the leafy streets that predispose to a relaxed paced life or visit the culturally enriched central market, it all features some picturesque images of the city. 

In addition to that, don't miss the chance to marvel at a display of antiques dating back to the 18th century at the Museum of Folk and Applied Arts. The exhibition features some traditional folk costumes and clothing, as well as pieces of pottery and other artifacts.

Make sure to also stop by at one of the numerous tea houses to experience a piece of the local customs, while as for the local cuisine, the stew called Piti is a must-taste during Sheki travel.

Best Things to Do in Sheki, Azerbaijan

  • Visit the Palace of Sheki Khans
  • Check out the Sheki Castle
  • Taste traditional Azerbaijan dishes