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Why go to Shkodra, Albania

Visiting Shkodra is almost like stepping back in time. This charming Albanian city managed to preserve the cozy atmosphere of the little towns that we see in old movies. Everyone knows one another there and it's still a common practice to go to your neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar and return it as a piece of a hot homemade cherry pie. Walking the beautiful sandstone streets of Shkodra, you can see old ladies gossiping in the doorways, children riding along the streets on their bicycles, and men playing card games on the benches in the park. The peace and incredible sceneries attract people from all over the world, seeking a short break from the noise and rush of the city life or wanting to find inspiration, surrounded by the magnificent Albanian Alps.

Although the town can't boast a wide range of tourist attractions, there are a couple of things you can't miss adding to your Shkodra itinerary. The Marubi National Photography Museum, for example. It's an absolutely unique photographic museum, offering to have a look at an interesting collection of works of the most well-known Albanian family of photographers, Marubi. This collection includes more than 400.000 pictures, perfectly capturing the soul of the country and its people, including the first photo of sunny Albania ever taken.

Another "must-visit' place during a Shkodra travel is the picturesque Rozafa Fortress. This stunning structure has a tragic history and a veil of mystery surrounding it. People say that it got its name from the beautiful women, trapped inside the fortress' walls as an offering to the Gods, who in return promised to make sure that the fortress would stand for ages to come. It's one of the famous city sights and among the best places to capture the beauty of the ancient mountains, vast Lake Skadar, and jaw-dropping views over the city from above.

Best Things to Do During Shkodra Tour

  • Visit the Marubi National Photography Museum
  • Explore the Rozafa Fortress
  • Watch the sun rising over the breathtaking Lake Skadar
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