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Sirmione, Italy

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About Sirmione

About Sirmione

Sirmione: Gem of Northern Italy Tours

Located in northern Italy, Sirmione is a town you will not be able to forget for sure! It is situated on the southern bank of the beautiful Lake Garda, providing breathtaking picturesque views, as well as lots of charming places to explore. Make sure to include it into your Italy itinerary to experience all that the beautiful destination has to offer, including architecture, nature, food and much more.

Extending into Lake Garda, the resort town is the perfect choice for those interested in water sports, however, it is not the only water-related point of interest of Sirmione travel. A must-see landmark by the lake is the Scaliger Castle built back in the 13th century. Set by the entrance to the peninsula, this fortified medieval port is a stunning sight to see from the side of the lake, as well as from the hills nearby. The postcard-like view of the castle surrounded by water is something absolutely authentic, thus it is crucial to add it to your Sirmione tour.

Another landmark worth visiting in the town is the Church of San Pietro, built back in the 8th century. Did you know, that it is actually the oldest church in Sirmione? Surrounded by olive trees, the imposing site stands on a hill overlooking the entire lake, thus some picturesque sceneries are guaranteed. The Church of Santa Maria Maggiore should appear on your Sirmione itinerary as well. Dating back to the 15th century, it was dedicated to the emperor Julian the Apostate and now attracts a growing number of tourists each year to admire its beautiful architecture.

For those interested in local produce and delicacies, the Ca dei Frati Vineyard is a must. Giving the possibilities of sampling and purchasing local wines, the vineyard also offers tours to get acquainted with how it's made. If you're visiting Sirmione on a Friday, another great idea is to explore the weekly market to taste the local delicacies or shop for souvenirs. After that, make sure to try some real Italian gelato as well! You can find it at one of the numerous gelaterias in town, as you'll see plenty while strolling around the charming streets.

Best Things to Do in Sirmione, Italy

  • Visit world-famous Scaligero Castle and ancient Roman villa, Grotte di Catullo
  • Take a relaxing boat trip along scenic Lake Garda
  • Spend your free time on Jamaica Beach, that is easily reachable from the tip of Sirmione

The town of Sirmione is a must-visit while in the area of Lake Garda. Any traveler would agree, that its bustling cultural scene, centuries-old architecture and historical monuments are surely worth exploring, therefore, do not miss the chance to do so yourself.

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