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Why Visit Sorrento, Italy

Situated on the shores of the Bay of Naples, Sorrento is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and colorful places both in the Amalfi Coast region and in Italy.

The cliff perched location of the city provides outstanding photo opportunities, including views of Mount Vesuvius and Capri Island. Plus the winding petite streets filled with colorful trattorias invite for an adventure on foot.

As such, make sure to not miss out on visiting the charming Piazza Tasso during your Sorrento sightseeing. It is the main historic square in the city with a simply lovely atmosphere and numerous petite cafes.

Those visiting Sorrento, Italy should surely check out the Cathedral of Sorrento (which locals call Duomo) as well. This historic landmark is among the best-known sights of the city. Built in the 15th-century, it is recognized by its facade that's adorned with white marble, plus, the church boasts lush interiors.

As for other religious landmarks, the San Francesco complex with a cloister, monastery, and church are among the top attractions as well, noted for unique architecture and greenery. The convent has existed since the 7th century and is a great addition to any Sorrento itinerary.

For an even more memorable time in Southern Italy, consider going on a boat ride to get the best views of the town. Most boats depart from the picturesque Marina Grande or Piccola harbor.

When in Sorrento, Italy make sure to taste local limoncello, as many lemons are grown in this region and thus it is renown for it traditional production of the beverage.

Best Things to Do in Sorrento, Italy

  • Visit the Cathedral of Sorrento
  • Stroll along the charming Piazza Tasso
  • Taste local limoncello in one of the trattorias
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