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Split, Croatia

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About Split

About Split

Why Visit Split, Croatia

Planning to go to Croatia? Consider exploring Split and its charming wonders by the Adriatic Coast. Spread over a peninsula, it is surrounded by large rocky mountain formations that loom over the beautiful coastline. Apart from scenic landscapes, Split also features a UNESCO World Heritage-listed palace as well as numerous other monuments of history and architecture worth exploring.

The central part of the city is a great place to start your Split tour as it features the grand Diocletian's Palace, dating back to the 4th century. The imposing landmark looks more like a city inside a city as it is one full of narrow streets, pathways, courtyards and certainly lots of people. Stroll around the site admiring its marvelous architecture or simply relax in one of the several bars or cafes on site during your leisurely time.

Located within the territory of the palace, the Cathedral of St. Domnius is another gem of architectural heritage worth exploring in the city. Being among the oldest ancient Roman buildings in the world, the church is not only impressive in its domed interior but in the authentic colonnade surrounding it as well. Visiting the bell tower is also a "must" while on the site, thus make sure to climb to the top and admire the breathtaking views of the Adriatic Coast.

Some other highlights of Split sightseeing include the Marjan Hill overlooking the entire city, the Klis Fortress, Temple of Jupiter, and other historically significant locations. Talking about history, a great place to get acquainted with it is the Archaeological Museum, providing with numerous exhibitions from the ancient settlement of Split. Make sure to also visit the Mestrovic Gallery which houses the artwork of the famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic.

Croatian culture is also a flavorful one, making sampling local delicacies a must while in the region. Split travel can't be accomplished without tasting the mouth-watering dishes such as pasticada, a stewed beef dish made using a special sauce, or sauteed chard with potatoes and garlic called blitva. Also, savor fine Croatian wines as well.

Best Things to Do in Split, Croatia

  • Explore the historic Diocletian's Palace
  • Visit the Cathedral of St. Domnius
  • Catch the best views of the city from the Marjan Hill

Strolling the alleyways descending down to the seaside, exploring the architecture and wonderful foods, Split provides with everything you need and more for a perfect vacation.

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