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About Stockholm

About Stockholm

The Glorious Capital of Sweden

If you're wondering what the capital of Sweden all about, it is a truly vibrant city with style in its genes. Many people agree that Stockholm is the best place to experience the beauty, simplicity, and functionality of Scandinavian design.

The main advantage of the city is that it's small enough to easily get around on foot or by its efficient public transportation system. That's why most of the tours in Stockholm do not include transportation.

Don't worry, walking Stockholm streets is enjoyable and will not affect the number of sights you'll explore. Besides, taking a ride in the Stockholm metro is an incredible cultural experience as it is called the world's biggest underground art museum with absolutely out-of-this-world station designs.

The Stockholm Old Town with its cobblestone streets, narrow alleys, and old buildings is an absolute 'must see' on any Stockholm tour. This extremely charming place embodying 700 years of history has been the number one tourist attraction.

As for shopping, you can start your shopping tour from abundant vintage boutiques, Scandinavian design stores, and of course the local H&M.

And then it is time for coffee! In Sweden a coffee drinking pause is called "fika" and is much more than just a coffee break, it's somewhat of a local cultural phenomenon and an opportunity to catch up with friends sharing coffee and a piece of Swedish cake in numerous cozy cafes or 6 beautiful city parks.

Like in most cities located on the waterfront, boat tours in Stockholm Sweden are mandatory. You can discover thousands of small islands in the Stockholm archipelago tour and it's simply breathtaking. The waterways of Stockholm are not only for looking at beautiful sights but you can also take a swim right in the center of the city.

Stockholm can also be proud of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Royal Palace Drottningholm (open to public) which is sometimes compared to Versailles and the magical Skogskyrkogården, or Woodland Cemetery.

Moreover, make sure to place several more places on your Stockholm itinerary, these are the City Hall, the Stockholm Cathedral, as well as the Royal Opera House.

Recommended cultural and educational experiences to add to your Stockholm sightseeing plans: the Vasa Museum, the ABBA Museum, The Swedish History Museum, the Skansen Museum, the Hallwyl Museum, and the Fotografiska Museum.

And finally, it is amazing how much nature surrounds this city. We recommend you to rent a bike and cycling out of the city to the outskirts of Stockholm. Experience the Scandinavian cosmopolitan capital with 700-year-old secrets. Once you feel like you have thoroughly explored this city, why not jump on a Stockholm to Oslo train and make your way to discover another gorgeous Scandinavian capital?

Best Things to Do in Stockholm, Sweden

  • Traverse the charming Stockholm Old Town
  • Visit the world-famous Vasa Museum
  • Treat yourself to a traditional "fika" break
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Top Attractions in Stockholm

Top Attractions in Stockholm

Fotografiska, Stockholm

Fotografiska is a place for contemporary photography. Its museum has a display space of 2,500 square meters, and features 4 major exhibitions per year along with 10-15 smaller exhibitions.

Royal Palace Stockholm
Visit the unique site of His Majesty The King's official residence, the setting of official receptions and a major tourist attraction all in one, the Royal Palace of Stockholm.
Skansen Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

"Skansen" which means "the fortress" in Swedish is the world's first open-air museum, founded in 1891. Its aim is to invite visitors to stroll through five centuries of Swedish history.

Stockholm Cathedral, Sweden

Stockholm Cathedral is the oldest building in the city that is still in use - the first part of the Cathedral was built in 1306. It is currently the residence of the bishop of Stockholm.

Stockholm Metro, Sweden

The subway in Stockholm is unlike any other metro system in the world - more than 90 of the 100 stations feature artworks created by about 150 artists.

Stockholm Old Town, Sweden

The Old Town also called Gamla Stan is Stockholm's original city center which primarily consists of the island Stadsholmen. This part of town dates back to the 13th century.

Stockholm's City Hall
Appreciate the authentic Nordic National Romantic architecture style of the City Hall of Stockholm.
Stockholm’s Gamla Stan
Go back in time while strolling around Gamla Stan, the glorious Old Town of Stockholm.
The Royal Opera House, Stockholm, Sweden

Situated in the center of the city, the Royal Opera House is Sweden's premier stage for opera and ballet built in the nineteenth century at the Gustav Adolf Square.

Vasa Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

The Vasa Museum is a maritime museum home to one of the most complete and best preserved shipwrecks in the world - the Vasa is the only seventeenth-century ship on Earth that has made it to our days.

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