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Why Visit Strasbourg, France

The border town, cosmopolitan Strasburg, is a true catch for those in search of something charmingly controversial. Set just on the frontier with Germany in the historical region of Alsace, the hub represents the embodiment of the refined French allure and the renowned German order. It is not for nothing that the city's name is translated from German as the "City of Roads", as due to its convenient location on the banks of the River Rhine, Strasburg has been one of the biggest transport arteries in Europe.

Strasburg literally makes visitors fall in love with it from the first sight and we bet that your Strasburg walking tour will have the same effect! A dense network of canals, gingerbread houses decorated with geraniums, the incredible beauty of the majestic Cathedral of Notre Dame de Strasbourg will take you to the childhood fairytale about Hansel and Gretel.

One of the most famous Strasbourg attractions is the Barrage Vauban. The dam, once built to fortify the River Ill, is now a nice observation point of Strasbourg Old Town. Moving inside the medieval heart of the town, you will see one more frequently photographed sight, Ponts Couverts, the set of three bridges and towers which serves as a gateway to the most scenic part of Strasbourg, called "La Petite France". Having housed fishermen, tanners and millers, the contemporary district is a perfect place for romantic walks along the quay and taking picturesque photos on the atmospheric colorful streets.

In case you crave to find out more about Strasbourg history, we recommend visiting the Alsatian Museum. Set in the 16-17th-century mansions, the museum of local art is a great way to get acquainted with the traditions and interiors of typical Strasbourg homes of centuries ago.

Best Things to Do in Strasbourg, France

  • Visit the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Strasbourg
  • Explore the Barrage Vauban dam
  • Stop by the Ponts Couverts bridges

All in all, visiting Strasbourg is definitely a nice idea if you want to take in the vibe of a cozy atmospheric European town and enjoy the confluence of the French and German cultures! Already excited?

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