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About Stromboli

About Stromboli

What to See on Tours in Stromboli, Italy

If you are a thrill-seeker who always tries to enhance your trip with some special experiences, it is time to rejoice as this Italy destination is, indeed, mind-blowing (blowing in a proper sense). Welcome to the most captivating of the Aeolian Islands, amazing Stromboli! Located north of the isle of Sicily, Stromboli has become a magnet for all extreme and adventure lovers - this tiny island is home to one of the three active volcanoes in the country!

The isle of Stromboli itself has a comparatively small size which is less than 13 square km (1300 ha) and houses only 3 villages: San Bartolo, San Vincenzo, and Ginostra, with less than 1000 inhabitants in total. Each village provides its own unique charm. If you plan a trip to San Vincenzo as part of your Stromboli itinerary, you'll have an opportunity to relax on an extraordinary beach with rare black and blue sand which originated as a result of the volcanic activity.

Now let's get back to the most outstanding landmark of the island, the Stromboli volcano. Often referred to as the Lighthouse of the Mediterranean, this fire-breathing giant raises 930 meters (3051 ft) above sea level and has 3 active craters.

Stromboli has been constantly erupted over the past 2 thousand years! In fact, the volcanic activity can be felt several times an hour, occurring as mini-eruptions with characteristic noise and emissions of volcanic ash and gas.

Is an excursion up to the crater of an active volcano something you've been dreaming of but never had enough courage for? If yes, there's a great chance to fill this gap as local experts regularly organize trips to Stromboli where everyone will be able to have a look inside the crater with seething lava and take memorable photos. However, for security reasons, climbing Stromboli without a guide is strictly prohibited and even subjected to a fine.

For sure, the best time for observing this natural marvel are the evening hours when Stromboli is visible from afar, and its summit is highlighted by the fiery clouds of glowing sparkles.

Top Things to Do on a Stromboli, Italy Vacation

  • Relax on the black sand beach near the village of San Vincenzo
  • Climb an active volcano Stromboli and take extreterrestrial photos of seething lava
  • Take in the relaxed vibe and breathtaking panoramas of the Aeolian Islands
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