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Why Visit Svolvaer, Norway

It goes without saying that the entire north has its own specific charm and Svolvaer, Norway, is not an exception. A Svolvaer journey is an amazing choice in case you want to discover a secret spot on the map of Europe and then enjoy its eccentric beauty. The landscape combines mountains, fjords, and extended beaches, leaving travelers speechless when seen firsthand. Are you ready to start an incredible trip? Let's learn more about Svolvaer sightseeing!

The mysterious ancient name, Svolvaer, is in fact explained quite clearly: in modern English, it means something close to "a cold fishing village". Indeed, the town is known as the best fishing are around with local waters that have always been rich in cod. Fish farms still play a crucial role in the economy, and tourists are also offered to spend an enjoyable day with a rod in hands. As for more "sea-related" must-visits, the latter include the Stockfish Museum (make sure to drop by) or, for example, visit the local Oceanarium.

Whether you feel the lack of adrenaline in your daily life or not, by all means, go to Svolvaergeita. This mountain is still known as the unusual challenge and a good addition for your climbing victories collection. The last part of the name, "geita", means "goat" as really looks like the horned animal. Svolvaergeita is the principal local symbol, and one of the famous things-to-do here is to make your way from one horn to the other. What a nice adventure, right?

Those who love traditional tourist walks are generously welcome to see the famous Svolvaer Church. The beautiful white construction adds elegance to Svolvaer's panorama due to the fact it is built in a specific local architectural style. It is called "lang kirke" (long church) and it is the most popular way to build churches in Norway.

To sum up, we may say that in any case, a Svolvaer itinerary gives everyone many new impressions. It is impossible not to stand still with delight looking at breathtaking fjords or seeing the town surroundings from the top of the Svolvaergeita horns. Here you may get an insight of mysterious Scandinavia with its centuries-old enigmas and astonishing nature views.

Best Things to Do in Svolvaer, Norway

  • Visit the Svolvaer Church
  • Enjoy the fjords and moutain panoramas
  • Taste local cod specialties

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