Swemeh, Jordan

Swemeh, Jordan (Dead Sea)

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About Swemeh

About Swemeh

Why Visit Swemeh, Jordan

Situated by the Dead Sea, Swemeh should be the next destination on your Jordan tour. Surrounded by breathtaking nature it provides numerous hiking and walking trails, as well as the possibility of floating on water.

Don't miss the chance to explore the salty waters of the Dead Sea, as it is truly a one-of-a-kind experience! Relax and float easily on the warm, mineral-rich water as you unwind amid the spa-like surroundings.

Another water-related point of interest to be discovered during the Swemeh tour is the Wadi Weida'a Waterfall so don't miss the chance to go on one of the most beautiful hikes in the region to find it. Lined by palm trees and picturesque sceneries, the hike is attainable for avid hikers and amateurs likewise. Make sure to take plenty of water along with you on the journey! 

Wadi Numeira Siq is also a hike to remember, however, this one requires skill or at least some preparation beforehand. Winding through a deep canyon it leads to an oasis-like green valley, a destination truly worth conquering the rather difficult trail towards it.

Another popular stop on Swemeh itinerary is Bethany Beyond the Jordan, the site where Jesus was baptized. Attracting a growing number of visitors each year, the holy place is a monumental piece of religious heritage and a must-visit in the area.

Best Things to Do in Swemeh, Jordan

  • Take in the beauty of the Dead Sea
  • Explore the Wadi Weida'a Waterfall
  • Enjoy outdoor activities such as Jeep desert safaris
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