Takayama, Japan


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About Takayama

About Takayama

Why Go on a Takayama, Switzerland Tour

The charming city is easy to navigate on foot or by bicycle and offers sightseeing buses and guided tours on rickshaws.

The culture of Nihonshu Sake has existed in Japan for thousands of years. There are traditional breweries in Hida Takayama that can be easily identified by the sake barrels called "sakadaru", which hang outside the shops, or by "sugidama," special balls made from cedar branches.

The weather in Takayama varies considerably from summer to winter, with four distinct seasons.

Best Things to Do in Takayama

  • Stroll Along the Miyagawa River
  • Go for a Walk Through Shiroyama Park
  • Explore the Takayama Showa Kan Museum
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